Friday, August 3, 2012

Thinking About the Future

Last weekend, the house where my mother, my husband, and I have lived for the past five years was filled with flowers, food, and family members. Now that the flowers have faded, the food has disappeared, the family has dispersed, and I've had a few quiet days to myself, I've begun to think about the future. I've thought since June that this summer would be my mother's last, and I therefore cleared away most of my commitments to allow time for her. Now I find myself using some of that time for reflection and musing. What do I want my life to be like, now that she is no longer at the center of it?

I've made one decision so far, having to do with the immediate future: Patrick and I will host a fall session of the Writers Studio @ Korongo, then we'll close the gallery and flee to France for the winter.

Over the past year or so, the Writers Studio has developed a core group—people who've taken at least one eight-week class and indicated that they plan to continue writing. This fall session will be an attempt to keep us motivated and inspired. We will read and discuss each other's work, whether fiction or nonfiction, and learn from each other. We'll meet on Wednesday mornings for eight weeks, from September 12 to October 31.

I wasn't sure whether I would have the energy and the will to host a group this fall. I will miss my mother's presence. I would miss her more, however, if I didn't get together with her writing friends to share her lifelong passion for words.

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