Saturday, March 10, 2012

So long, AVA, and thanks for the memories

Our final event at the AVA Arts Center was a poignant occasion for many of us: Two years have passed since Jack made the portraits of the Hale Street Gang, Margaret is no longer with us, and of the original twelve memoirists, only five were able to make it to the closing reception. We wish to thank Bente, Margaret, Victoria, and the rest of AVA's staff for providing us with a truly memorable experience. The closing reception was attended by several children and grandchildren, some of whom had driven many miles on what luckily turned out to be a beautiful sunny winter day. 
Hannah Phillips, above, reads from a memoir by her grandmother.
D'Ann Fago and Idora Tucker. Rear: AVA's director Bente Torjusen.
Artist Joan Feierabend and friend. The cast is a souvenir of an icy fall.
Project leader Sara Tucker. That's Margaret  in the distance.
Lydia English, author of A Woman's Legacy, and Pat Menchini.
Some people were too shy to read their work. Not this lovely lady.
Bonnie Willis, junior gangster. 
Hannah and her grandmother, Idora Tucker. Cupcake, Gram?
Mary Jacobs, Hannah Phillips, Lydia English, Pat Menchini.
D'Ann Fago's Retrospective, in the adjacent gallery.

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