Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gathering @ AVA: Sat, Feb 4, @ 2 pm

D'Ann and Sara at the Jan 13 opening at AVA in Lebanon.
Join us at the AVA Gallery this Saturday, when the gang will truck on down to Lebanon to see our two shows: Portraits in Writing (which looks very fine hanging in that fine space, especially since Jack spiffed up the text panels with simple black frames); and D'Ann Fago's 70-year retrospective. While we're there, we will have a one-hour "open class," in the gallery, so that our guests can hear a bit of our prose and get a sense of how our group functions (or, on occasion, doesn't--like when everybody talks at once and nobody listens and Teacher—me—has to wrap her pen against the side of her drinking glass to call for order). We'll begin at 2, or soon after, and reward ourselves with cake.

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