Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Writing Workshop This Saturday

This morning I met one of my literary heroes and gave her half of a pumpkin muffin and she told me how much she LOVED my new book. Also this morning, my friend Linda had a very serious conversation with Nelson, as in Mandela, at the end of which she burst out laughing and couldn't stop (Nelson didn't laugh). We were doing a writing exercise in which you get to meet a famous person of your choosing. Sometimes this writing stuff gets so SERIOUS that you need a giant dose of the ridiculous to balance things out. Come join me this Saturday for a free workshop at the Korongo Gallery in downtown Randolph, and we'll do a series of fun, fast-writing exercises that mix fact and fiction and, well, we'll just see what comes out. I never know how these workshops are going to go—who's going to show up, what will work and what won't. We'll find out on Saturday. The workshop begins at 9 am and goes till 11 am. Latecomers welcome. Bring a notebook, a pen, and a personal memento. I have no idea what we'll do with the personal mementos, but we'll figure it out. Korongo is at 18 Merchants Row, next to Fenix Fine Foods. Info: 802-728-6788.

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