Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Postcard From California

Chaparral House in Berkeley, California, has posted a Facebook "review" of The Hale Street Gang: In Cahoots. On June 29, CH staff member Paul Cooley wrote on my wall: "The first meeting of the Chaparral House Book Club was a success! After reading [the anthology] of the Hale Street Gang, David recalled his family cook, Deidre and Bettey remembered the Ice Man in vivid detail and Lou recalled his time as an Infantryman in WWII!" Today I got this update from Paul: "Book Club continues to inspire great conversation. Today's topic was D'Ann's grandfather's employee Charlie teaching her morals from a simple [explanation]: 'Because you don't, that's all.' It led to a huge discussion on where we learn our morals growing up—other than our parents." ("D'Ann" is of course author D'Ann Fago.) Chaparral House is an eldercare residence, and we are so pleased that its residents are enjoying our stories. Thanks, Paul, for organizing the reading of In Cahoots and for sharing the response with us.

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