Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Postcard from California

The residents of Chaparral House in Berkeley are reading In Cahoots and have been sending us messages via Facebook. Here's the latest, from book-group facilitator Paul Andrew:
"Fun Book Club today. We were able to access the Web—clumsily, but ended up hearing D'Ann's reading of being a dancer and Ruth's story about the nosy neighbor who got an earful about the whorehouse for 80-year-olds. This got giggles from my residents who could hear. 
-the education process in rural Vermont that Idora went through and discussing each of their experiences in grade school and Junior High.
-and how old was old enough for college? Riding a sleigh to school was a source of fascination too for them all to hear. Many of our residents come from warmer climates and moneyed backgrounds."

Thanks, PA, and greetings to our friends at Chaparral House. We are delighted that you're staying in touch.

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