Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Portraits in Writing: The Chandler Opening

Sandy Waldo and Andrea Easton at the Chandler Gallery in Randolph.

The show went up today, thanks to the skills of two very capable women and one very devoted husband. Andrea and Sandy did most of the work, arranging and hanging with lightning efficiency (lunch was a jar of Planters peanuts). Betsy Cantlin helped schlepp, made coffee, and handled small emergencies. Patrick Texier, my darling husband, handled me, putting up with my crabbiness and coming to the rescue when D'Ann Fago's work was delivered without labels. Jack Rowell took pictures and cracked jokes. The two exhibits—Jack's "Portraits in Writing" and D'Ann's "A Life in the Arts—will open on Saturday at 2 p.m.
   At 3:00 this afternoon, with 50-plus pieces in place, Patrick and I left Andrea and Sandy to finish up (at least 20 pieces to go) and went to the Depot for soup and sandwiches. Then to Belmain's for foamboard, which Patrick turned into labels for D'Ann's work. The two exhibits work beautifully together, and the Hale Street Gang looks as if it was made for the Chandler space.
   We have a few finishing touches to do on Friday. Tomorrow I'll be talking about the opening on WDEV with Jack Donovan at 3 p.m. and on WCAX with Kristin Carlson at 5:30.

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Andrea said...

What a nice way to spend a day! Great show and nice companion exhibit by one of the Hale Street Gang subjects. Do stop in and take a tour. Come Saturday to meet and greet, but do take a little time through the month of the exhibit to go alone and reflect on the caricatures of all those beautiful faces. Cudos Sara and Jack for a great body of work.

Andrea Easton