Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Yesterday a bunch of us went to Jocelyn House in Randolph for a Christmas reading and carol sing with a dozen-plus residents and staff members. One of our writers lives at Jocelyn House, which is a stone's throw from my house, and we love to go there because the atmosphere is so convivial, thanks in part to the kind and friendly staff. We were welcomed with a punchbowl and big plates of home-made cookies. A couple of friends from the River Bend chorus helped us out with the caroling, and John Jackson played Father Christmas. Charles took some pictures but I don't have them yet—the one above dates to the 1950s; it's my cousin Johnny, looking very starry-eyed, and his mother at the farmhouse in Randolph Center.

The readings were wonderful—I don't have time to post them now, because I need to finish up my Christmas shopping and visit with Ellen and Susan Reid, old friends who are stopping by this afternoon for tea.

Thank you, Jocelyn House, for a lovely party. Next: Valentine's Day.


Kelly Green said...

Next: New Year's!

Mark said...

That's my mother, Adelina Shannon Cooley, with my oldest brother John in the photo. I believe the photo was taken at the old Cooley farmhouse in Randolph Center.