Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Campbell: "N" Is for Noël

Idora Tucker, Cookie Campbell, and Mary Jacobs. Photo by Jack Rowell.

Sometimes we all need a good rant. Last week it was Cookie's turn. I think we all kind of appreciated the following--Christmas being the way it is. The "two books" Cookie mentions are those she is reading for the two different book groups she attends monthly, "My Kitchens" is a reference to the piece she's working on for the writers' group, and the books she's wrapping as Christmas gifts are copies of the one she wrote (My Annie).

"N" Is For Noël

No. It’s for right NOW. And now is running over. My plate is full. I’m running out of steam. I’m trying to read two books, find one for a future read, finish “M” is for My Kitchens. I must write, print and mail a Christmas note to my children and grandchildren (after I track down a few addresses). I need to wrap the books (this year’s Christmas gift) that haven’t been passed out yet, buy mailers and trudge to the post office. I’m supposed to be selling raffle tickets for the senior center - Vermont Castings gave us a gas grill as our main lure. If every member just bought one book and sold one book we’d be over the top. I’d like to decorate some but everything needs dusting or polishing before it can happen. And how much should I do? I don’t know when I’m going to Delaware or coming back, for that matter. Or exactly how I am going or coming. Three parties - Randolph House, Senior Center and NFSBank PPClub. I’ll try to beg off the Upper Valley Services one. Oh, and a special birthday party that I wouldn’t miss for the world … unless someone comes to take me south. Herb’s partner is having major surgery in a couple of days and my niece sent me a place I can Google and stop all the unwanted catalogues. I’m trying it. Hope it works. I hate to wear anything that I think I should pack for the holiday, but I hate to run around looking like a bag lady. I went to Chandler this afternoon for the Christmas concert. The first half was great. The second half was very classical and in Latin - I think. It was dark when we came out and I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Did a quick scan of the crowd and latched onto Pat, and she led me home. I’m so in the habit of going with Mary (who opted out for this one) that I forgot about my habit of “drifting.” That’s another story that Mary should tell. I haven’t done any cards. I bought them when Rite Aid had a great sale a couple of weeks ago. Very few go snail mail nowadays, but I leave one at each apartment here. And if I find a card that does not have a Christmas wish, just a holiday wish, I write one in. I do have some shopping to do. Five great grandchildren (three are biological and two were acquired) plus an eight-year-old grandson who belongs to my ex-daughter-in-law and her second husband. Annie needs things - actually she doesn’t need a thing, but she needs things to unwrap. At least she always has and I’m going on that fact. I did manage to sew Velcro on her robe this afternoon and I’ll give it to her at her ISA meeting tomorrow. Remember them? The review of last year’s accomplishments and the long and short term goals for next year? I have just turned on the printer. I don’t want to think about next year and goals. Jeannette just called from Waukesha with her granddaughter’s address and e-mail address in Ireland. Clayt’s Lizz is going hiking in Ireland and Clayt and I think it would be nice if the two met - providing the hike goes anywhere near where Meghan lives. So we need to get dates and itineraries and heaven knows what more they’ll think of. One of Jeannette’s friends came to Vermont - New Haven - for Thanksgiving and made her homesick telling her about Middlebury and Burlington and Stowe and the Trapp Family Lodge. Now that I’ve bored you to tears with this harangue I think I will print it, shut down for the night, finish the wine I poured for dinner and toddle off to bed. At least I hung up or put away all the laundry so I don’t have that to wrestle with.

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