Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saturday Oct. 30: Reading @ Bud & Bella's, 3 PM

The Hale Street Gang: In Cahoots 
(215 pages, paperback, $16)
Reading and Book Signing
Saturday, October 30 @ 3 p.m.
Main St., Randolph, VT 

Yesterday I bought eight silver-metallic Sharpies at Belmain's for the reading and book signing this Saturday—one each for Mary Jacobs, Cookie Campbell, Idora Tucker, Ruth Demarest-Godfrey, Charles Cooley, Cynthia Jackson, and John Jackson. Oh yeah—and me. Now I'm delighted to say I gotta buy 2 more: D'Ann Fago and Loraine Chase will be joining us. Most of the writers will read a short excerpt from the new book. Idora has chosen the following:
"Mrs. Gifford is the widow of a well-known local physician, doctor to my family when I was growing up. In fact, he saved my life when I had a ruptured appendix, long before the days of antibiotics. However this is my very first contact with Eliza, as she is known locally, and she has come to offer me advice on how to be a good wife and helpmate to my doctor husband. . . . The room is very sparsely furnished, and we are seated on two Montgomery Ward chairs brought in from the kitchen. Under Mrs. Gifford's considerable bulk the legs of her chair are gradually spreading further and further apart . . ." 
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