Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hangin' with Bob, Greg, and Jack

Bob Hooker, at the Vermont Folklife Center.

Spent the day yesterday in Middlebury with Bob Hooker, Greg Sharrow, and Jack Rowell, hanging the Hale Street Gang's "Portraits in Writing" exhibit, which officially opens on Friday, just in time for the town's Art Walk. It felt like Christmas, opening up all the cartons. First to go up were Charles and Ruth, above (we thought it would be nice to put brother and sister together). Jack took this photo of them and Bob as a sneak preview, since most of the writers won't see the exhibit until October 2, the day of our reception.

Also this week, Alex Hanson from the Valley News had lunch with the Tuesday group. The room where we meet has become so cluttered with debris (the remnants of last year's Christmas bazaar, supplies for discontinued art projects, old photographs that nobody can identify) that there is barely enough room for us anymore. We managed to squeeze enough to accommodate both Alex and Jack, who stopped by just as Emilie was ringing the dinner bell and was easily persuaded to stay for some shepherd's pie. I don't know what Alex made of it all, but I guess we'll find out on Saturday when we pick up our copy of the Valley News. He's probably wondering how we get anything done in all the chaos.

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