Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idora Tucker: Spring 1921

“Vermont had an early spring in 1921, the year I was born. At that time my parents had been married about five years, and I was their first child. Dad was 29, Mom 32. Before my birth my mother asked that I be named Idora Gertrude after my maternal grandmother and my mother, but that if she did not survive the birth I was to be named Gertrude Idora. I was born in what is now Gifford Medical Center, then the Randolph Sanatorium, in Randolph proper, a good five miles over dirt roads from our farm home in Randolph Center. I don’t know how my mother was transported to the hospital. I do know that she remained there for two weeks after my birth on March 23, as was customary in those days. My father visited her by walking through the fields, which shortened the distance somewhat but must have been a hard trip on wet ground at that time of year. They told me many times that when he brought us home about April 6 the season was far enough advanced that the new grass in the fields beside the road was blown into wavelets by the spring breeze." —from Childhood, by Idora Tucker

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